Bespoke culinary experiences to teach, engage and inspire about sustainability and health

With BOM, Plants Take Center Stage 



BOM = “Spring” in Korean

BOM makes and teaches the healthiest cuisines for you, your team, your community, and the environment! 

At BOM, we help you to boost your team's wellbeing and engagement so to have everyone  refueled, recharged and refocused to carry on with the rest of the work day with energy and drive.

We provide more variety for corporates searching for delicious meals free from inferior ingredients like flavour enhancers, preservatives, or artificial colorants - all of which negatively impact health and productivity. And it's not just good for your team!

We positively impact the local growers and the environment. 

Our nutritious meals respect the environment, with NO plastic containers and a lower carbon footprint. As much as we can, we will always prefer using local or sea-freight fresh ingredients for our meals instead of sourcing the cheapest fresh ingredients flown from across the world.  

We are a profit for purpose company, by using our services you help us to create employment for local women who have faced challenges in securing stable income. 

Plant centric world flavours for everyone

We make plant centric food creative and delicious, mainly through oriental cuisine

Our meals are suitable for all tastes and dietary preferences, including omnivores, vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who merely wants to embrace a more plant-based lifestyle. 


At BOM, only wholesome meals

BOM makes it easy to support local growers and put less mass-manufactured junk into your body.


You’ll never find flavour enhancers or unnatural preservatives on our plates. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, which is why we CHOOSE to be healthy, nutritious, and wholesome

Our Services

We cater to your needs

We create, produce full meals and/or canapes inspired by wholesome world culinary traditions.

We teach your teams healthy cuisines

We take your team on a journey to understand cooking techniques to create tasty and nutritious dishes back home. 

They love working with us

"At BOM, we refuse to believe that quality, health, and sustainability

have to be sacrificed in order to enjoy a convenient and affordable meal."