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The Sisterhood Project
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The Sisterhood Project
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Plant-based Ethnic food from our kitchen to your door!

Introducing the 9Kitchens project, our initiative that employs vulnerable women in North West London one day a week (as a beginning)


I started this community intiative to employ vulnerable women who I met during the first lockdown in London. I felt that delivering food parcels to people who were willing to work, was not sufficient to help them.  I decided to employ one woman from Syria and now two, to start cooking for neighbors and friends.

Since we started the project on 17 October:

  • 1000 people enjoyed our meals

  •  95% of our meals were plant-based

  • 350 local families placed an order

  • 120 hours of work for migrant women paid above the UK real living wage.

  • 2 of our female chefs are now private cooks for local families


  • Income generation for the women

  • Enhanced confidence 

  • Better integration 

  • Lesser barriers between communities 

  • Plant based meals that are not widely available in this area of London


  •  to create a partnership with a charity to receive grants for an upskilling project for our women Chefs.

  • to upping our delivery experience with better bags and more professional looking labels.

  • 100% committed to the environment and will be offering Indian tiffin containers to all our customers to reduce the amount of packaging waste as much as possible.

  •  grow our team and will be looking for additional volunteers and mentors to help us grow 9Kitchens.



At present, it is only one meal a week (prepared and delivered on a weekday). They are simple plant-based recipes that are healthy, nutritious and are suitable for everyone who want more plants on their plate. 

As it is a local initiative, we are only able to deliver to:

  • NW2, NW6, certain parts of NW10, W9 and W10

People could also pick up their meals from The Avenues Youth Project, South Queens Park, where our kitchen is based. 

By placing an online order with us, you will be extending your support to underprivileged women from various backgrounds by giving them the opportunity to earn a living

Join our initiative and be a be a part of change!

9 kitckens logos6.png
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