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For corporate or private groups, a journey to learn how to cook balanced plant-centric meals, from fresh vegetarian sushi to ramen, from dumplings to gimbap, all their favourite dishes from the Far East and beyond. 

After years of experience in organising corporate cookery classes, we offer bespoke  corporate and private oriental cookery classes with something for every taste and dietary preference. From Vietnamese cuisine to Korean delicacies, and everything in-between, take your team on a journey to learn the secrets of oriental cuisine.

For example, here are some of the popular classes we teach: 


Learn how to prepare Vietnamese street food, just better!

3 Hours Class


- PHO -

We will start with the Pho which is one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes. It is a flavourful rice noodles soup with a rich aromatic broth garnished with plenty of fresh herbs and bean sprouts.  We will detail the whole cooking process so you can understand how to prepare this aromatic and perfectly seasoned iconic noodles soup. 



Then we will continue with the Banh Cuon which are steamed rice rolls.  It is a light dish that is generally eaten for breakfast everywhere in Vietnam. We will create thin and delicate rice sheets and will prepare a seasonal and healthy filling using seasonal vegetables and mushrooms. The dipping sauce can be either soya or fish base depending on your requirements. 


Another very popular Vietnamese dish that people love. It is fresh, light and still very aromatic. We will learn how to prepare the rice sheets, roll them perfectly and make them so tasty that your guests will ask for more. You will also prepare two perfect dipping sauces using soya/fish sauce or peanut butter.