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Quick and Easy Asian Recipes For Beginners

Are you looking for quick recipes that are delicious as well as easy to prepare? I want to share with you 10 asian recipes that take a short amount of time on the stove top. These dishes are all prepared with basic ingredients that are found in most asian dishes.

  1. Kung pao chicken- This traditionally tasty yet spicy dish, is super easy to make at home. Major ingredients include soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine, and peanuts or cashews.

  2. Asian cucumber salad- A delicious and healthy salad made of crunchy cucumbers. Some of the other ingredients are onions, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil and a few other special ingredients.

  3. Ginger cashew chicken salad- The perfect dish that combines all the flavours from sweet and salty to the gingery bite. The taste of the fresh ginger is truly refreshing!

  4. Honey chicken stir fry- Quick asian stir frys are super easy to make and qualify as satisfying weeknight dinners.

  5. Thai Stir fry noodles- The perfect mix of sweet, savoury, salt and sour in a soy sauce base.

  6. Asian lettuce wraps- Tasty and bursting with flavour, these asian lettuce wraps are a great addition to any meal. This dish is super easy to make at home and makes getting takeout seem silly.

  7. Asian chicken salad- This crunchy and citrusy salad is our new healthy favourite. With perfectly tender chicken, and the most amazing dressing, this dish is a crowd pleaser.

  8. Pineapple fried rice- This dish certainly gives out an island vibe, having the rice and veggies fried in coconut oil.

  9. Veggie Chow mein- This Chinese dish is made from stir fried noodles along with veggies and flavoured with Chinese sauces. Children love this dish because of its tangy flavour and crunchy texture, which makes it scrumptiously delicious.

  10. Wonton Soup- This dish is perfect to have in the cold weather. Wonton Soup is super delicious and you will be amazed how quick they are to make.

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