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The 10 Most Popular Dishes in the World

Who doesn’t love trying out new dishes from different parts of the world? From Pizzas in Italy to the Massaman curry in Thailand, we have ranked the top 10 dishes around the world, considering the uniqueness of each dish, and the diversity of cuisines!

  1. Pizza (Italy) - A dish that is equally loved by kids and adults, that can be customised by adding meat, veggies, cheese and more. It certainly is the ultimate crowd pleaser! Click the link above, to view pizza recipes for every type of taste palette!

  2. Dim sums (Hong Kong)- Traditionally, Dim sums were enjoyed as a side dish, served in small steamer baskets, along with piping hot tea! Dim sum dishes can be classified into fried, steamed and boiled dumplings. Now you can host a fun dim sum party by learning to cook them at your home!

  3. Pad Thai (Thailand) - Pad thai, a stir fried noodle dish, is a popular dish in Thailand that can be cooked in many different ways. It consists of sautéed vegetables & noodles, peanuts, scrambled eggs, tofu, in a super delicious sauce.

  4. BBQ Ribs (USA) - BBQ ribs are the holy grail of dishes in the USA. Customise your BBQ ribs according to your pick, from adding an extra belt of garlic and spices, to adding sugar, honey and molasses to the ribs! Whichever style you choose, prepare yourself for a messy feast that you can enjoy!

  5. Bibimbap (South Korea) - Bibimbap, a traditional South Korean rice dish, is a must try! It is made out of assorted veggies, rice, ground beef, egg, often served in a hot stone bowl! It is typically served with a spicy sweet sauce, Gochujang, which is made out of chillies, rice, salt and fermented soybeans. There are many variations to this dish, from simple to elaborate, that you can create according to your taste & dietary requirements.

  6. Moussaka (Greece)- Moussaka, the national casserole dish in Greece, is the Greek way of making an Italian lasagne. This heart-warming dish is made by adding layers of ingredients in a cheese sauce, and baked until it turns golden brown. The prime ingredient of moussaka is eggplant, you can also substitute eggplants for artichokes or potatoes.

  7. Som Tam- Green Papaya Salad (Bangkok)- Som Tam, a salad dish originated in Bangkok, is packed with the flavour of sugar, spices, unripened papaya, tamarind sauce and peanuts. To experience Thailand’s essential flavours- sweet, sour, salt and chilli- in one dish, make yourself a bowl of Som Tam!

  8. Laksa Curry (Malaysia) - Laksa curry, a Malaysian coconut curry noodle dish is super delicious and easy to make! The base of this soup is the Laksa paste, which can be made from scratch or bought from a store.

  9. Paella (Spain) - Paella, a Spanish dish originated from Valencia, is a mouthwatering seafood dish. Although making paella is quite difficult and time consuming, it is certainly worth the effort!

  10. Massaman Curry (Thailand) - If you are someone who can’t handle spice, Massaman curry is the perfect dish for you. It is the king of curries, packed with flavours- spicy, sweet, and savoury, made in a coconut milk base!

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