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The Best Asian Healthy Recipes on BBC

Discover a fresh, fragrant and healthy approach to cooking Asian foods by trying out these lighter versions of favourites like nutritious stir-fries, sweet & sour chicken, lettuce cups and more. Now forget about getting takeaways and cook yourself some healthy Asian dishes at home.

  1. Light sweet & sour pork- This dish is perfect for those days when you want to indulge in your favourite takeout dish, but also want to stay healthy. Try this lighter and healthier version of sweet & sour pork with reduced levels of sugar, salt and fats.

  2. Carrot & sugar snap salad- This colourful, sweet and low fat dish is a super healthy option for a quick meal during the day.

  3. Poached chicken & rice- Whip up some healthy chicken and rice when you want to have a quick yet flavourful dinner. Quick tip- you can use the leftovers from this dish to make cold chicken noodle salad.

  4. Stir fried greens- A super-green and healthy dish that makes a great addition to any Chinese meal. Best part is you need only 4 ingredients to make this super quick and easy dish.

  5. Thai pork lettuce cups- Fresh tasting and packed with greens, this quick & simple is not only healthy but also full of flavour.

  6. Light Thai green curry- This light version of your favourite Thai green curry is the perfect combination of warming chillies and coconut flavoured veggies.

  7. Healthy salmon burgers- If you love fishcakes, this is a must try! This oriental style burger is a favourite amongst kids.

  8. Sesame spinach- An authentic Korean dish flavoured with sesame, soy sauce, sugar and vinegar is the perfect side to make for those busy days.

  9. Tofu steak with bean sprout salad and egg strands- This crunchy and colourful Korean salad dish has all the health benefits packed into one dish!

  10. Tofu, greens and cashew stir fry- A delicious salad made with plant based ingredients, that is healthy, light and flavourful. This dish makes a great lunch or snack!

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