I am Kieumy and I am a really passionate believer of wholesome food, delicious and seasonal, good for you and kind to the planet.


Trained at Ferrandi - famous cookery school in Paris - and as a Natural Chef and Plant-Based Chef in London, I celebrate seasonal meals and local fresh ingredients with a vast array of textures, flavours and always freshness. My style of cooking is strongly influenced by my French-Asian background but also by my rich encounters with Chefs during my extensive travels. 


Born and raised in France from Vietnamese parents, based in Asia for more than a decade and well travelled because of work, I used to enjoy all foods and never really questioned how they were made and what ingredients were used. But throughout the years, I became more aware and I realised that some of the foods I was enjoying eating, were unhealthy but not only, they were also not good for our surroundings.

in 2019, I decided to make a drastic change and created BOM as a social enterprise. This new journey would be to inspire people to change their mindset about foods and to encourage them to make different, more conscious, more thoughtful choices, about what they buy, cook and eat. That could be achieved through talks, demos, cooking lessons and other culinary activities to provoke questions and hopefully a change, even a little.  

After 18months of pause due to lockdown, we have not changed our mission and our principles. At the heart of everything we do, we avoid more than ever food waste and do not use ingredients that are detrimental to health and contribute to climate change.

As we hope to increase our reach, we have implemented the following changes:

  • The cooking classes are under BOM

  • The catering and private chef services are under 9kitchens


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Our Vision is to become London's leading sustainable corporate caterer and culinary events company offering our clients exciting plant-based culinary experiences infused with a mixture of our unique Asian and world flavours. Every aspect of our business is carried out with the environment and the well-being of our clients in mind.


BOM is a profit-for-purpose business with a mission to:


Support and contribute to empower underprivileged but resilient women by training them,  providing them with earnings above London's living wage and thus enabling them to gain confidence and help their family. 

>  Inspire all members of our local communities regardless of their social or ethnic, background, their religious faith or their age group about the importance of healthy eating without impacting our planet.  


Meet The Team

Kieu-My Pham Thai


Trained Pastry Chef in Paris

Trained as Natural Chef (CNM)

Expert in South East Asian Cuisines

Ellie Chang

Leading Cooking Instructor 

Expert in Korean Cuisine and Culture

Christina Ng

Trained Chef and Cookbook Author

Expert in Chinese Cuisines 




Food that Speaks to Your Soul – BOM's Ethos for Clean, Viable Eating

We are mindful about food and how it affects the planet. We want to show you ways you can be more environmentally conscious even in the kitchen. 

Green and Chemical Free Food

Our food is free from artificial flavour enhancers and colourants, preservatives, empty carbs, and tasteless ingredients whether it is for catering,  cooking classes or team building activity. With our culinary events, plants always take centerstage!

We know how important it is to nourish yourself well. 



A Sustainable Way to Eat

We want our food to be as natural as possible, even putting it before profit.

  • We will always source for fresh ingredients grown in the UK first and then in the rest of the EU. We limit the use of fresh exotic products to fresh herbs and spices that would provide the unique Asian aromas. 

  • Place your orders in advance so we can limit as much food waste as we can.

  • Whenever possible, your meals will come on foot, bicycle or even electric car.

  • As we avoid using plastic containers, we offer our food in buffet style instead of individually packed.


Everything we do is with the environment and your well-being in mind. Even the smallest action can help limit our carbon footprint.


Supporting Our Community

We pride ourselves on not just being another faceless business, but a workplace for local women in need. 

> With organisations like Sufra, in North West London, we can offer employment to women in need and mothers of young children with flexible hours.

> At Sufra, we also love teaching families about healthy eating and actively participating in their community kitchen.

> We also contribute to 1% For the Planet, who help raise awareness for environmental issues. This charity considers our impact on the Earth, and how we can reduce our effects. You can learn more about them here.